Layaway Program

How long is the layaway contract at The Gaming Warehouse?
Layaway contracts are 12-weeks.

Are there any fees?
A 12-week layaway contract requires a $10, no refundable Service Fee.

Can I cancel a layaway contract?
Yes, you can cancel any layaway contract. You will receive a refund of your
payments made to date minus the Service and Cancellation Fees. No partial cancellations are permitted.

Are all items available for layaway?
Yes, all items are available for layaway.

What are my payments?
The $10.00 Service Fee and a 20% down payment are required up front. The
remaining balance is required to be paid in full on or before the contract
due date.

What if I miss a layaway payment?
You have a 7-day grace period after your payment due date before your
contract is cancelled and items are returned to stock. A nonrefundable
Cancellation Fee of 20% will apply.

Where can I make my payments?
You can make a payment at any register in the store that holds your